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We’ve created a new easy to understand and use benefits site based on your input and feedback. Once you log in you will have access to:

  • Your financial, health, disability, and career benefits information

  • New tools and resources to help you understand your retirement benefits better

  • The ability to update beneficiaries and apply for benefits online

  • All the support resources you need

NFL Player Benefits is available on mobile

Check out what Players had to say about the new NFL Player Benefits website.

"I really like the 'do you need help with' section. I'm reminded (and walked through!) the additional benefits that I may be missing out on that could really have a profound impact on myself and my peers. Big fan of this new user interface."
Zoltán Meskó, Punter, 2010-2013
"The new NFL Player Benefits website is clear, informative, and easy to use."
Todd Weiner, Offensive Tackle, 1998-2008